sending data from arduino to an android app continously using an gsm module

I am working on my final year project , I need to send data from ARDUINO continuously to an mobile app where I can process the data . I want to send this data from a gsm module attached to arduino is this possible and feasable . need assistance .

Assuming that you have done some preliminary research, what specific issues or problems do you have?

I am a newbie , I have actually started my work now so I need suggetions

I assume you want to use GPRS data - so you need to search for how to connect (either from phone-to-arduino, or arduino-to-phone). The easiest is to connect the phone-to-server (Public IP with a middleware app), then onward to the Arduino via GPRS/LAN etc, which will [u]help[/u] remove the (one-way-connect / NAT) barriers imposed by the carriers.

This is not quite as simple as it sounds, and will require some networking understanding & skills - along with choosing the best protocol / layer you want to use for comms.

If this is for demo purposes only, you may find it a LOT easier to go with SMS (slow single-duplex), or WiFi / other local comms layer.