sending data from arduino uno to database without ethernet sheild

Is it possible to send data from arduino uno to database without ethernet shield?

Yes. You only need an ethernet shield if you want to use the ethernet.

Thank you . How can I send data to database (mysql) ? I have searched a lot but only with ethernet shield is demonstrated there. Kindly help me.

Check in the interfacing section of this forum. I don't know anything about mysql, but it must be possible to send data by serial surely...

I think you will find that the standard MySQL server connector is TCP/IP based. If you don't want to use Ethernet on your Arduino, then you need to get what you want off the Arduino using some other method (e.g. bluetooth, serial) to something than can talk TCP/IP, like your PC. You then have to write a bridge component to bridge serial (or bluetooth) to TCP/IP.

Why don't you want to use an Ethernet shield? Is it the ethernet or the shield bit that you don't want?

Thank you. I have already connected my arduino to nrf and with pc I have connected with usb. I thought if I added ethernet shield it might hinder connections .

I assume by nrf you mean NRF24L01? I use an NRF24L01 with a wifi breakout and they both share the SPI bus quite happily, but I have had problems with a different wifi breakout before. If you already have the ethernet shield, give it a try and let us know if it works.

Yes I am using NRF24L01 with arduino uno r3. I dont have ethernet shield. I just now know about wifi breakout after you said about it. I have no idea about sending data serially too .