sending data from HX-711 from one Hc-05 to another

I was working on this project where when there is more than 300 grams on the Weight Load Sensor the alarm for the other Hc-05 would turn on if there is no communication can be fund. But i don’t get anything printed on the screen monitor for the HC-05 that receives.

Pllease help me I’m a noob and I am not very familiar with Bluetooth modules.

bluetooth_reciver.ino (1.01 KB)

the_bluetooth_transmitter.ino (1.26 KB)

float Load_cell = LoadCell.getData();

Calling the getData() method before calling the begin() method is completely pointless.

Your code's indenting completely sucks. Use Tools + Auto Format if you are too lazy to properly indent code as you go.


What do you expect writing the Load_cell value, when you have never given Load_cell a meaningful value, is going to accomplish?

void loop()
if (BTSerial.available() > 0) {
float Load_cell = LoadCell.getData();

WTF? The LoadCell object is not connected to the receiver.

Load_cell =;

The read() method does NOT return a float.

while(Load_cell > 300){

The integral value that you read will be in the range 0 to 255.