Sending data from Mango to Arduino board (Modbus)


I currently have my Arduino board sending data to Mango through Modbus. However, I would like to be able to send data from Mango (based on some kind of event) to the board through the Modbus connection, which will light up and LED.

Obviously there will be some code performing this function in my Arduino program (I already know how to turn on a LED in Arduino using analogWrite() function).

The part I am missing however is a way to publish data from Mango to the board. Can this be accomplished by linking points, or creating events that will set a point within the same Modbus Data source? Also, what slave ID, register range, etc. values need to be set up?

Thanks in advance, Russ

First off it would be good if you could explain or even post a link to Mango and Modbus, not everyone is familiar with those.

Also, what slave ID, register range, etc. values need to be set up?

I think you misunderstand the arduino interface. It is a simple serial port connection. If you want to talk to it you have to get your system to talk to a serial port (or COM port). Then you have to write code to interpret that data.

You can get code that does this for you:- but you might find it restrictive for your needs.

There is limited support for Modbus. It is not a very open standard.

This Mango?

Thanks, I just figured it out. I was confusing slave/offset terminology, now I have 1 slave, 1 data point with offset 0 and 1 data point with offset 1 (settable) and it seems to work fine.

mrmeval: yes, that bottom link is Mango which we are using. We are tying to develop some hardware using Arduino boards where info is set to Mango for monitoring purposes, and Mango will log the info and make decisions based on the data. (e.g. If temperature is too hot flash an LED and send a warning message)