Sending data from multiple FSRs from Arduino via BlueTooth LE

I would like to send threshold data from four different FSRs via BlueTooth LE (BLE). What is the best way to send this data and to be able to read the data on the other side? (In this case I'm using Unity and C#)

Is multiplexing the best answer? (I've only briefly read about this. I'm a newbie coder.)


What does FSR stand for in this context?

Provide more information about your hardware setup (is it one Arduino or many of them, what type of Arduino, what hardware for the BTLE, etc.)!

What do you want to multiplex? The BTLE hardware?

I'm using the Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE. FSR = Force Sensitive Resistor

I'm just trying to get a general suggestion of how to send data from the Feather via BLE. I have since figured out how to concatenate the data into strings or arrays, but still don't understand what the best way to send the data it. I don't quite understand how to use "characteristics", which might be the answer.

I don't know how Windows handles BTLE serial connections but I would expect it to provide virtual serial interfaces (even today called COM ports in the Windows world) for each device. So the Arduino device can simply send it's data to the PC and the program on the PC has know how to make use of the data received on the serial connections.