Sending data from nano to D1 mini

I'm trying to send multiple values from a nano to a D1 mini via Serial Rx tx pins. What's the best way to do this?

The serial input basics tutorial may be of interest.

Do you have 5V-3.3V voltage level translation?

Sorry, should clarify.
Is it better to just send it as a string to be then sent via WiFi in a csv format?
Or send it one value at a time via Serial.printing
Each value , and ;

Hi Qherg1987,

there is no global "this is the best method". It depends on the details of your project.
If your project is not a secret describe in normal words what you want to do. And post an example of the whole data that you want to transfer.

Maybe even sending your data to ThingSpeak and let create thingspeak the CSV-table for you might be an easy to realise solution.

best regards Stefan