Sending data from WiFiBee

First of all, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum section.. But here goes..

I'm trying to use the following :
Lilypad Arduino atmega328p
WiFiBee ESP8266
Some conductive thread and snaps

The idea is to make a remote ECG monitoring. The mobile phone connected to internet and recieves data from the system ( the mobile phone and the monitoring device are in different places i.e far locations not on same network)

What we first tested is the monitoring through serial plotter only. It works fine I guess.

The problem is sending the data. It requires delay(1) and most of the free services available such as ably and pubnub have message rate limit such as 35 msg/s.

I already tried pubnub and ably and were able to send and recieve data through mqtt (ably does not support arduino) but since the limit is 35msgs/s the result were way off.

Is there any alternative to the said services? Basically trying to output a similar output from serial plotter in the mobile app.