Sending data from Windows 10 to Nano BLE via Bluetooth

Hey everyone!
I'm about to jump into a small project, and I'm having trouble finding resources on how to send data from my windows 10 computer to a Nano 33 BLE via bluetooth.
I was planning on getting data from an API on my laptop (was going to use python to do so, but I can use other languages if necessary), in which I would get either an integer value of 0, 1 or 2. I want to send these values to the Nano so that it can indicate with the bulb Red if the sent value is 0, Green if 1, Blue if 2.
Has anyone done something similar to this before? If so any pointers on how to go about doing it?

Don't co-mingle BLE and Bluetooth.


Most of the BLE development focuses on mobile platforms because nobody wants to run trough the forest with their PC. You can find many generic BLE apps on iOS and Android.