Sending data over wi-fi using esp8266 using arduino uno

M using Arduino UNO with esp8266 wi-fi module to send data over internet. The data is the location information received using Neo-6m UPS GPS receiver. My code is successfully compiled and uploaded to the Arduino board, but I do net get the proper output. The only output it gives on Serial monitor is a simple begin, but none of the further code (AT commands) is being successfully executed. I cannot detect the error in my code. please help me find the possible error in my code. Thank you.

sketch_apr19a.ino (3.24 KB)

SoftwareSerial can't listen on two instances. There is a .listen() function to switch between SoftwareSerial instances.

The esp8266 AT firmware doesn't wait until you listen on the SoftwareSerial instance. If there is a connection to the server it sends +IPD and data. If the SoftwareSerial instance doesn't listen the information about client connection is lost.

You must listen to esp8266 all the time, so you can't use two SoftwareSerial instances.

You could use the RX pin of Uno to receive data from GPS module over hardware Serial.