sending data through ESP8266

hello guys
i’m working on a project which there is fingerprint involved to identify students and take attendance
i want to send the ID of student which i get from the fingerprint to arduino and from arduino to ESP8266 wifi module
so there is any code as an example to do it
and thanks in advance


Yes there will certainly be some example code out there that does some parts of what you are challenged with. Use google to find them.

Sorry if this reply was not more specific or helpful, but how could it have been otherwise given how little you have told us about your project? What is doing the fingerprint recogition? Can you give a link to its technical details? Why is the data going to an Arduino, what part does it play, and what type is it? What esp module are you using and what part does it play? You see, your question only asks more questions!


it's attendance system based on fingerprint of students
i have fingerprint scanner , LCD , esp8266 and arduino
it works like that the student enroll their finger and a template is generated and it is stored on the fingerprint memory
for example student 1 have an ID 1
then the second function of the fingerprint is identifying the student before entering the class
the student put his finger on fingerprint scanner then the fingerprint sends to the arduino the ID if it was found
if it's not it sends a negative ack
then the arduino get the ID number then print in on the LCD
after that i want to send this ID to the main database which is on a local PC for example to store it and take attendance of the specific student
some people told me to use WIFI module to send it

We still need those questions answering if you want more help.

A suggestion would be that, depending on your requirements, you might be able to simplify things by removing the Arduino. Many ESP WiFi modules can be programmed just like an Arduino, with the same code, using the Arduino IDE. For example i have been recently using WeMos D1-mini, which is a little like an Arduino Nano or Pro Micro, but is also an ESP WiFi module. Its memory and processing power are much greater than most Arduinos, more like a Due.

I use my WeMos modules to read sensors of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure etc at regular intervals. They send the readings to a web server which records them in a database and allows the data to be viewed through a web page. Would this approach be suitable for your application?