Sending data to external web server (php, xport)

I wrote an article that explains how to use the Arduino and an Xport Ethernet module to send and retrieve data to an external web server. I discuss the advantages of this method over various other methods of communications between Arduino and the internet. After discussing hardware setup, some simple test code for Arduino and the PHP code that you need to run on the web server is provided. Some real world extensions of this project are a web page that lets you control the lights in your house, or sending sensor data to a web page and graphing it so you have a pretty record of sensor readings.

I tried to keep everything simple as I could and I talked about all the issues I found while doing this. Things like my web host's firewall blocking connecting requests and not having a dedicated IP address for my domain took awhile to track down and work around. Hopefully if anyone else wants to do a similar project this article will speed up their efforts.

Let me know if you find any errors or have any questions.

Thanks, I was looking for something like that ;D