Sending data to Iphone via Lightning


Since the Arduino DUE has a USB Port, is it possible to send data to the Iphone using the Lightning cable?


It's possible but you may have to develop new software components on both sides of the cable. As far as I know the iPhone cannot handle a CDC device (serial emulation) and I don't know what other types may be supported that are supported in some way on the Due too. What kind of data did you think of?


Right now Im sending Telemetry data through Wifi Using the USR Wifi232 Chip to the Phone. My data transfer rate is about 5hz with 10 x 2 (or maybe later 4) byte. So far so good. I just wanted to get rid of the Wifi connection and just use a simple cable.

Here you can find some information about how to connect an Arduino to the iPhone using the headphone plug:,19648.0.html, that's probably the easiest and cheapest way to transfer data with low speed.

I'm curious, what kind of telemetry data do you transfer to the phone? As far as I know it already has accelerometer, magnetometer, gyro and GPS on board.

Which headphone plug? >.<