sending data to multible boards whith one tx pin


I want to build a modular game with 11 Modules and one "Master" arduino.
every module will have a seperat arduino in it, but those need a few informations from the master(only receiving data -> no sending).
I wonder if its possible to conect the TX pin of the Master to all of the other RX Pins of the modules, because i don´t want to mess with i2c protocolls or anything like this.
The reasons for this decicion:

  1. my knowlege and skills in writing code
  2. there will be more than 11 different Modules, but you can only play with 11 at a time, and if i would use i2c every arduino needs it´s own adress an i dont want to ceep the master buissy with writing data to modules which arn´t even there.

if i could, i would test this, but i have only 2 arduinos laying around here at the time and want to be sure it works, befor i buy all the others.

Or is there a better way to solve this problem?

Connecting the Tx pin to several Rx pins should work fine. The complications only arise if you need to connect several Tx pins to one Rx pin.

Don't forget that you also need a GND connection.


thank you a lot for your quick response!
I already thought, that it could be quite complicated to logically manage several tx to rx pins.
So i decided to do that via normal pins (write and read).
The modules only have to return, if the riddle on it was solved correctly or not and nothing es, so one pin should be enough for this information...

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