Sending data to ThingSpeak - response of -301

This question may need to be directed to ThingSpeak, but I wasn't sure if this was universal for API's. ThingSpeak allows me to send data every 15 seconds. If I try to send data a second time before 15 seconds has elapsed my writeSuccess integer value is -401. When it posts successfully the value is 200. My issue is when I get a value of -301. I'm not seeing any information about this when searching online. It isn't much of an issue because when I get that value I resend the data and it always goes through immediately on the second attempt. The issue is that the first attempt to send the data that results in the -301 error also pauses my code for 10 seconds. So instead of posting every 15 seconds, every few posts have an interval of 25 seconds.

int writeSuccess = 0;
writeSuccess = ThingSpeak.writeFields(Channel_ID, myWriteAPIKey);

Does anyone know what's going on when I get that -301 response? Is that just a general timeout?