Sending Data to webserver using ESP32


I am working on a project where I have to send data on a web server, data coming from sensors, I was using esp8266 before but now I have replaced it with ESP32.

I have successfully uploaded data in txt file to webserver using FTP. Now I want to store this data in DB. So, my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to save data directly in DB from ESP32?
  2. If not, FTP is secure way to upload data ?
  3. If I have to save data in DB, what should I do? Do I have to read data from txt file and then save it in DB using c# ?


What data base? Is there any interface such as http POST or GET to upload data? Either should be easy to achieve with ESP32 and proper http example code. For security use https. I've not used FTP for decades. It's not secure. SFTP is better.

I am using MSSQL as my sites on ASP.NET Core so now I am trying to save the data directly to DB. But unable to do that.

I have read somewhere that instead of FTP, you should go with SSH, so can we perform SSH communication with ESP32 and can it save data directly to database, instead of hosting account.

One way would be to use the Arduino MySQL connector

Another way is to call http: thingies passing them arguments to store the things where it needs be stored.

Me, I use MQTT Broker and Python to send and receive data from 7 ESP32’s and store the things on my web site.

One way would be to use the Arduino MySQL connector

I have checked it out and it says that Library is only compatible for Arduino WiFi or Ethernet Shield, I think it won’t work for ESP32.

I have heard MQTT before somewhere, I will check it out, I think that’s going to be the solution.

Thanks a lot, it really helped. I will let you know the updates.

ESP32 HTTP GET and HTTP POST with Arduino IDE is an option.

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