Sending data wirelessly without a decoder at receiver?

Hi folks,

I'm using an Arduino Uno to control some LEDs. Right now, I have a nice little setup, except that in order to keep everything at a common ground, I have to run wires across my room. I'm not a huge fan of this - I've kicked them and knocked them out a few times, and I'm worried about damaging components.

What I'd like to do is to be able to wirelessly send data (in this case, from the FastLED library) between a transmitter and receiver, and do all of the work to properly encode it at the transmitter, i.e. using only one Arduino. Ideally I could directly hook the receiver into the LEDs, with nothing in between. Is this possible?


Add an Arduino to each receiver.

Add an Arduino to each receiver.

I should probably clarify - I'm hoping to avoid doing this. I recognize that it's possible by using more Arduinos (and I have enough boards), but I was hoping against hope that there was a way to do without.
That said, your reply seems to indicate that this isn't possible. Is that correct?

Need some smarts at the receiving end to receive the data and drive the fastled algorithm. A receiver by itself can't do that.

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