Sending GPS data back using RF Transmitter

Hi Experts,

I want to send the GPS data back using a RF transmitter, so I made a simple code. However it is just not able to send anything back when GPS module is running. Please help.


NEO_6M_RC_Trasmitter.ino (1.52 KB)

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To get a better chance of answers I recommend you read the How to get the best out of this forum and post your code using code tags. It should look like this.

Your example code

This will allow users to have a look at your code without downloading a file first.

Additionally, please provide:

  • links to datasheets of non-Arduino components
  • links to libraries e.g. on Github.
  • a schematic of your system (hand drawn is OK)
  • a more detailed description of what you tried and what is not working

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