Sending hex values to the serial port

I am working on a project where I have to transmit a warning sound to a Bluetooth module, which then connects to an android phone. I have sensors connected to my Arduino board and if they detect any value going above the threshold, a warning sound has to be sent.
I was initially trying to send a simple sine wave. A simple sine wave was generated using MATLAB and the samples were then converted to hex. The ultimate aim is to produce the sound 'Warning'.
I then tried to store these values into an array. For example:
int myvalues[] = {value1,value2,value3..};.
I know I'm going to sound extremely stupid asking this question, but how do I know send this variable to the serial port? Will I have to implement the Serial.write() function?

Any help would be appreciated.

Most Bluetooth modules used w/ Arduino are in the class of "modem" and simply represent a wireless TTL-serial connection at some BAUD rate.

Streaming Bluetooth modules are generally associated with audio.

Would it not be desirable to create some warning code in your Arduino program, "$WARN$" as an example and have the handset application translate that transmitted code into audio?