Sending Information from my Web Browser to my ESP8266 through its Access Point

I've successfully set up my ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip as an access point through the following command :


Once set as an access point the ESP8266 has a default SSID with no password or encryption.

I connect to it through my Android device which connects successfully and I am assigned an IP address by the ESP8266 through DHCP.

The following screenshot shows its configuration :

I'm building a mobile application that requires the user to send two pieces of information to my ESP8266 that must be read and saved by my Arduino.

This is an SSID and Password which will both be strings.

My question in its broadest is how do I now configure my ESP8266 to allow me to send these two pieces of information via that IP address I was assigned?

My ideas are to maybe host a web page and use the assigned IP address to send information to it via a HTTP GET Request through a web browser/web request. I know how to do this in PHP however unsure how to configure my ESP8266 to do this.

Any help of any kind would be greatly appreciated,