Sending information to an Arduino via USB


Currently, I'm working on a project that has left me in a bit of a rut, I am trying to grab OSC information and send it to an Arduino in order to use it as a controller for lighting. Here is the current idea or system. I use my phone with TouchOSC to send information to my computer and then try to get this information to an Arduino. Right now I am stuck between grabbing that OSC information that my pc receives and then sending it to an Arduino. Are there any libraries that can help with this or any software? I would appreciate it since I am a bit confused about how to begin this project.

Edit 1: Maybe to clarify this a bit more, I want to grab the OSC information that my computer receives and send it to the Arduino via usb, essentially making it a pair. I know there is a library that Arduino can use which it receives OSC information and essentially read it, but that needs a network or wifi module, if possible I would like to do it without that and use my computer or raspberry pi, as a relay for that module.

This project is an example of two way communication between an Arduino and an OSC device. I think it contains the information you need. There is a link to downloading the code in this page. It is many years since I did this so I can’t remember all the details but you send the OSC messages over the USB serial connection.

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