Sending IR codes faster

I have been trying to make a lap timer for multiple RC cars, I have got it working using an IR LED on the car and an IR receiver at the start-finish line working at 38kHZ sending NEC code.

The problem I’m facing is that when I drive the RC car at high speeds past the receiver it’s not getting the code fast enough, I’m using the IRremote.h library anyone knows any way I could make it faster maybe by making the code smaller?

That seems to indicate the field of view of the receiver is too small. Try moving the receiver further away, so it can see the code sooner and have more time to receiver the entire code.
If you think that will effect the accuracy of the lap time, then you need a better way to identify the car.

Design your own (shorter) code, using sendRaw().

Also we really needed to se your work rather than guessing what’s happening.

Show us a good schematic of your circuit.

Show us a good image of your ‘actual’ wiring.

Give links to components.

In the Arduino IDE, use Ctrl T to format your code then copy the complete sketch.

Use the </> button from the ‘reply menu’ to attach the copied sketch.

These are the two pictures of receiving end and the sending end also below is the link for the receiving code and sending code also link to the receiver I am using.

The picture shows to receivers because I was messing around with putting them in parallel but I wasn’t too sure if it would really work couldn’t find anything online really. I’m using a 100-ohm resistor on the send LED and I do want to use a RAW code but I’m not too sure how to send a custom RAW code. I am quite new to Arduino and coding in general so might look a bit messy.

I don’t think that sending and receiving is possible at the same time. Use one controller for each function.

Try dropping the images into your message, external servers are not supported.

sorry the other picture didn’t send but I’m using the xiao seeeduino for sending

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