Sending IR hex code or Changing the IR Hex code with arduino to control other devices (without IR LED)

I'm Jas, I have been working with a project, which has remote functionality, And want to add the mp3 decoder in it. It has separate remote function, Is there any way, we could combine the two remotes, and control with one, using wire. Thank you.

Record the IR codes and send replacements by wire. If you don't mean that, please describe your environment in some easily understandable way.

Yes Sir, the mp3 decoder - ( )

this device has an inbuilt micro controller and it has ir reciever in it.
In my audio mixing project (i'm new to this field! and this is intresting to learn), this mp3 decoder is used as an input. so, my project also has ir feature.
Is there any way that i could control the mp3 decoder with my ir remote, I have tried sending ir codes via IR LED, but it is very slow and it creates new diffrent issues.
So, can i send the hex code or the ir decoded value straight to that mp3 decoder, using the ir reciever's wire.

Thank You for your time, Once again thank you.

Many IR receivers have open collector outputs with pullup resistors. In this case you can add another open collector output to the wire.

Thank you Sir, i'll share my result. Thankyou.

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