Sending IR signal from a garage opener

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I have a problem here and would really appreciate your help.

Most garage opener uses RF, but mine uses IR. I am trying to use Arduino to clone an additional remote and I struggle to buy a replacement. I managed to get an IR Hex code (24B0324B) using Arduino UNO and a IR Receiver. But I struggle when it comes to sending it out. Most guides and videos show people that uses a common TV remote from Sony or Samsung, are there anyone out there tried to do that on less common brands? Thanks so much for your help


From the IRremote library reference:

How to deal with protocols not supported by IRremote

If you do not know which protocol your IR transmitter uses, you have several choices.

  • Use the IRreceiveDump example to dump out the IR timing. You can then reproduce/send this timing with the SendRawDemo example. For long codes with more than 48 bits like from air conditioners, you can change the length of the input buffer in IRremote.h.
  • The IRMP AllProtocol example prints the protocol and data for one of the 40 supported protocols. The same library can be used to send this codes.
  • If you have a bigger Arduino board at hand (> 100 kByte program space) you can try the IRremoteDecode example of the Arduino library DecodeIR.
  • Use IrScrutinizer. It can automatically generate a send sketch for your protocol by exporting as "Arduino Raw". It supports IRremote, the old IRLib and Infrared4Arduino.

Hi @groundFungus

Thanks for your reply.

I tried to understand, but I afraid I am just not knowledgeable enough.

But thanks.


Most garage and car entry remotes use a "rolling code" security so it is not possible to duplicate them with publicly revealed code.

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If you are getting the same HEX code on every button press, use the RAW DUMP to read the code, and RAW SEND to send the code.

If you could tell us what Library (If any) you are using, and we may be able to give more help.


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Hi Andea

Yes, there is one button for my garage door remote and I got the same HEX code (24B0324B) every time.

I am using IRremote by Shirriff.

I would really appreciate if there are any sketch examples for RAW DUMP and RAW SEND. Thank you so much for your help!


What is wrong with the example sketches that I linked in reply #2?

Hi groundFungus

There is nothing wrong with it. The problem is on my side as it's a bit too complicated for me to understand. Which do you think is the most simple method out of the 4 choices provided? Thanks


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