Sending lux data from various light sensors via bluetooth/radio/wifi

I'm a newbie to Arduinos and I have a few doubts regarding a project I want to carry out.
Within the same room, there will be 4 light sensors sending data (without cables) to a receiver Arduino with a DMX breakout. My intention is to receive the different data sets from the senders and make 4 individual lights (connected through a DMX dimmer pack via the DMX breakout attached to the Arduino receiver) respond to individual light data and replicate it.
My first doubt is that I will probably run into some address conflict issues due to the sensors. And I am not sure what the best way to work around this is. Through the code? Or will it be best to have sensors with different addresses to start with?
My second doubt is about the best way to send this data to the receiver Arduino. Would this be wifi, bluetooth or radio?

I would really appreciate any suggestions on the most efficient way to make this project work.

Post a link to the datasheet for your sensors.

Will each sensor be connected to its own Arduino?

AFAIK Bluetooth is a 1-to-1 comms system whereas you seem to need many-to-1.

If I was sending the data to a PC I would consider WiFi and using an ESP8266 modules at each sensor location with a webserver running on the PC.

For sending wirelessly between Arduinos I would use nRF24L01+ transceivers which are cheap and work well. This Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial will give you a flavour. It includes an example showing a master talking to 2 slaves that could easily be extended to a much larger number.


Thanks for you reply.
This is the data sheet for the sensors I will be using:

Each sensor will be connected to its own (sender) Arduino and powered by mains/battery (depending on voltage requirements).

Would you not recommend radio then?


Would you not recommend radio then?

I think you are using the word "radio" in some narrow sense. Bluetooth, WiFi and the nRF24 that I suggested are all radio devices.


By radio I mean communication that is not bluetooth and does not need a web server.
I have done a project previously with a sender and receiver communicating wirelessly like this. I assumed that would be plain 'radio', but as you can see I'm quite ignorant on the subject!

The nRF24L01+ modules that I suggested are not Bluetooth and do not need a web server but they are "wireless" and "radio". Bluetooth is also "wireless" and "radio" and uses the same 2.4GHz frequency band as WiFi and the nRF24 modules.

Also, just to be very clear, a web server has really nothing to do with wireless or radio. It is just a computer program that receives requests and sends back data (very loosely stated). It can be connected to a WiFi system but it does not have to be. For example I have some applications on this laptop that work when the laptop runs a web server program and the browser (Firefox) on the same laptop communicates with that server.


That's great. Thanks for your help.
I'll start with a couple and see how it goes with any problem that might arise from using the same sensors and anything else that might pop in.