Sending messae with SERIAL port

OK. So I will send by serial just one byte, like Serial.println (1, DEC);

and in other board>

if ( == 1); { digtalWrite (pin1, HIGH); }

That is already OK, isnt it?

And about the data rate - Ill try what will do the 115200 on a 40m distance and if it will work Ill let it be...

Anyway, what is soft serial extension and how to setup it?

Thanks J.


I think you will have trouble at 40m with speeds greater than 9600. See for a discussion of RS232 cable length. I haven’t tried any of the wireless solutions, but perhaps these are called for?

I think your software solution is fine, but omit that trailing semicolon in

if ( == 1); <— take this ; away!

This is an unfortunate C mistake that compiles fine, but doesn’t give you the results you want.

The software serial page is here: