Sending messages between Arduino and Max/MSP


I have been scouring forums and cannot find an answer to this. Is it possible to send messages between Max/MSP and Arduino which are more than just turning pins on and off? I'm trying to send messages to control the LCD Display library - specifically "lc.setdigit(0,1,2,false)". I have Maxuino, but haven't been able to work this out.

Apologies if my question is a bit simple/obvious.

Thanks, Jamie

How are you sending messages to turn pins off and on?

I’m using maxuino - there is a subpatch called ‘digital outputs’, which has a series of messages (I’m assuming these are messages sent to arduino, so that what I am asking is possible), which have a toggle switch and then in a message box “/0/ digitalWrite $1”.

As I said, I’m assuming this code is being sent to arduino, I’m just not sure how the syntax of it works - the pin number is in the “/0/” bit, which is confusing.

Does this help to clarify anything?