sending midi data?

Hi, does anyone know the code to send a midi message that can be interpreted by anything on my mac that can read midi.

The midi data is just something simple like “CC,1,7,100”

I’ve found a really useful program called Ardrumo(MAC)

but I can’t figure out how to send a midi message from the arduino :frowning:

Can anyone help? Thank you.

Hmm, i’ve been messing around with Steim JunXion:

Seems to work perfect for reading the boards signals and converting them to midi data. only problem is, it costs 75euro…boooo!

Anyone know of any alternatives?


Hello !
You can take elements from :
and of course !

What are you planning to make?

BTW, what is your CC,1,7,100 for ?

cc,1,7,100 was supposed to represent volume at 100 on channel 1.

Thanks for the links, although i had already found the first one but had no luck getting it to work. I’ll have another try now.

Thanks for the other link, looks really useful :smiley:

Look : really simple Midi out from the first link :

(Sorry quick photobooth from my quick and dirty drawing)

You can try with the code from the link, or the MIDI library.
For midi control, perhaps my function :

void MIDIsend(byte cmd, byte data1, byte data2) {
  Serial.print(cmd, BYTE);
  Serial.print(data1, BYTE);
  Serial.print(data2, BYTE);

(you can add a 4th byte !)

EDIT : Oops, on the right, it goes to VCC.

And for cc,1,7,100 : can you please explain?
I found out the 176,7,100 for the volume in one case, what are your bytes? Do you have four bytes?
I was looking for the commands to control a mixer…

i should of be more clear…i’m interfacing using USB and not an actual midi output. Thats where i think my problem is.


cc = control change
1 = channel
7 = volume
100 = volume

thanks for the help

Yes ok, but you must send it in the proper form to the computer! :wink:
So, the best is direct MIDI over… a MIDI connection!
I you have a midi interface, go perhaps this way…

does the baud rate have much effect? every bit of code i find seems to use 31250.

i’m certain there is a way to send midi messages over USB, it can’t be that hard?

Yes, this baud rate is the MIDI baud rate!

You must have a software on the computer that will convert the incoming signal, such as Max/MSP or PureData, or a driver (perhaps with Processing)…

well i’m going to spend a while writing a max/msp patch. i’ll post it on here if i get any decent results.

Hm… I think it’s simpler to use direct MIDI!
(and cheaper to make standalone)

but i have a mac, and as far as i can see there’s no support for direct MIDI on a mac :frowning:

I have a mac too and use a MIDI interface!

i guess this might have to my solution. but i’m so confused no one has developed a driver to allow arduino>usb>mac interfacing :frowning: surly this is doable, it can’t be that hard, i was trying to program a solution in maxmsp except it won’t stop crashing.

everything i’ve tried hasn’t worked yet, i’m starting to feel like i’m going to give up, which i never do, but there doesn’t seem like it’s possible unless i spend some more money on either junXion or a midi interface. well disappointed!

perhaps PureData then?

Otherwise, you can find MIDI>USB cheap on eBay from Hong Kong, it’s often the same quality!

well i may aswell give puredata a try. i’ll let you guys know if i have any luck.


Good luck! :wink: