Sending MIDI note values from MPR121 to Arduino

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping somebody can direct me to a a good resource for learning how send MIDI information from the Arduino to Ableton via Hairless MIDI.

At the moment, I have my MPR121 touch sensor board working correctly and it giving me a stream of "pin touched" and "pin released" information in my serial monitor. The next step however is how do I begin getting the MIDI values that I need for my DAW? Hairless MIDI is also receiving information from this board but the data I'm receiving in the console is almost random and has no apparent order to it. (midi values, pitch bend, velocity and other information I have not written yet??) So I assume this is because I have not told Arduino what I would like these touch sensor pins to be translated as, is this correct? I must first somehow write a code that makes my first touch sensor a midi value of 60, the second 61 and so on if I want hairless MIDI to receive and send this information also to my DAW. Thanks for reading.

If you're receiving touch information and also sending MIDI, even the wrong MIDI, to Hairless then you must have a fair amount of code. If you post that code we could help you with it. No code, nothing to help with.