Sending motor info to computer.

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I'm new to Arduino and this forum so bear with me here. i am looking for an Arduino or IC capable of processing motor info like how long it was on for and how much power was going into it and sending that info to a computer or phone. i was just hoping to find out if an arduino or similar would be capable of this and what would be the best way to go about transmitting the aforementioned info to a computer?
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Before you transmit the data (which can be done in multiple ways): how do you plan to measure the on time of that motor in the first place?

Then for transmission: that can be done wired (R232, RS485, Serial to USB) or wireless (WiFi, NRF24, Bluetooth, LoRa). Both wired and wireless are incomplete lists.

Are you talking about an electric motor? DC/AC? What sort of voltage/power? Or maybe an IC motor? Your question is a bit woolly so the answer is an Arduino can probably do what you want depending on what EXACTLY that is.


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I will get back to you once I have some exact numbers.
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Please include full information on each piece of hardware you refer to. IE datasheets, product pages, exact
model numbers (preferably the former of these)