Sending multiple data through serial I2C between two arduinos

I am trying to make serial connection between two arduinos
to send the data read from the sensors on the slave, and read them by master
the problem is when I put 2 Wire.request(function) in the code it takes the last one and send the data just in that function.

So how can I send multiple sensor readings between two arduinos

Please post your full program but read this first Read this before posting a programming question and follow the advice given

That is not how i2c works. The slave will only have one request() function. The master has to write something to the slave to indicate which variable it wants. The slave has to record this and then, inside the request() function, send the correct data.

Think of like reading different memory addresses on a i2c device (like a RTC). The master writes to the slave to send the address, then read the data back and the slave responds by sending the contents at that address.

Have you check out the Wire examples in the IDE?

And yes, please post your code if you want more help.