sending multiple sensor data using arduino hc 05 bluetooth module error

hello. im new to arduino . I’m creating an arduino project about home automation system using bluetooth communication. In my arduino model i have 4 relays to controll lights and fans. And i used temperature and humidity sensor , gas sensor, ultrasonic sensor and pir sensor. i want to get these reading to the android applicatioin i have created from mit app inventor. But it is not synchronizing the sensor readings in real time. there is a problem with the bluetooth communication. i always has to send some data to get the sensor readings from the bluetooth module. With out sending data in doesn’t send the sensor readings to the android application. When ever i pressed the ligh on button it will update the sensor readings. after that it doesn’t update its content regularly. This is my arduino code

sketch_Home_system_with_GSM_shield.ino (5.76 KB)