Sending multiple variables via serial connection

I've looked all over the web on how to do this and all I can seem to find is sending multiple variables from the arduino to processing. I want to do the opposite, I plan on send an X and Y position from processing to an 8x8 led matrix controlled by an arduino. I've attempted to reverse the example programs that are out there but I've had little luck. I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who have been in the same boat as me. If anyone could post some example code that would be GREATLY appreciated. I've been able to send a single variable without any trouble.

if you’re trying to send ints, you should be able to use the messenger library:

Also, I’m pretty sure (and therefor think it’s important to note,) that a processing “int” isn’t the same as an arduino “int”, with one being 32 bit and the other 16. so a processing “int” is an arduino “long”

luckilly, it looks like the messenger library can read longs.


thanks I hadn't thought of looking there, i'll check it out.