Sending numeric data to LCD03 via i2c

I have an LCD03. I am trying to send it numeric data via i2c, but all I seem to do is send instructions to the to board! I am using eg " Wire.write(45);" This is clearly wrong, I shall be grateful for a little guidance.

I shall be grateful for a little guidance.

Please guide me to a datasheet for the LCD first.


Good morning Don, Thanks for your interest. Herewith details of the board :- I hope this is sheds some light. Am I sending the data to the wrong register? Richard

Could you explain what you are trying to do, how you are trying to do it, and what the results are?

We do not yet have enough information to figure out if you have connected things properly. For example, what have you done about I2C pull-up resistors?

We don not know if you have set up your I2C parameters properly. For example, what did you use for an argument in Wire.beginTransmission( ).

I foresee a problem with the I2C address since the Arduino expects a 7-bit address and your documentation shows an 8-bit 'address'. This means that they have, incorrectly in my mind, already done a shift that the Arduino library will also do.