Sending picture from digital camera through USB to Arudino & GSM

I am new to Arudino. Actually I know very little about it. But I have a project in mind and im wondering if it can be done. I make wildlife trail cameras and was wondering if this idea is feisable? I have a control board that can manage motion sensing, Camera Power, Camera Shutter and also turn other devices ON & OFF.

This is what I want Arudino to do: (I am using a Canon A620 camera)

after the camera powers up and takes a picture I want the picture to be transfered to the Arudino through USB. Once the Arudino recieves the picture I want it to send a text message or email to me through a GSM module.



Review the playground. There are several articles. BTW. Next time you start a subject, please have it make reference to what you are asking. You will not get much response with a subject like this one has.

Also if someone is interested in putting a setup like this together let me know. $$$$

There is a GSM shield that has an integral camera which can be commanded (by the Arduino) to capture and send a picture over GSM. Other approaches which involve the Arduino receiving and forwarding the image data are going to be problematic because any sensible image size is going to exceed the available memory by a large margin.

I have read about a 'wireless SD' card that takes the place of a conventional SD card within the camera and does some wireless magic to upload the 'stored' images to some remote location. I don't know what sort of wireless technology is involved or how expensive they are but I know they exist so perhaps that's an area you could research.

I would guess that for this task you would be better off checking of there is some kind of SDK or API for the Canon camera on an Android-device, and then link the camera to an Android Phone/Tablet, and write a small app that can do what you want.

Sending a picture via Arduino won't be an easy task, not because of lack of speed, but memory. The Arduino simply don't have enough memory to handle that kind of data.

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Sounds difficult as it is, you’ll need to write some kind of driver for that camera to get the picture onto a phone which will also need a protocol etc.

If you’re not after National Geographic quality, there’s a simple way though: older Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Get one that’s as recent as possible, so that it has a camera, and one that’s old enough to have the serial “T28” port. These phones accept AT commands over the serial, so it’s very straightforward for Arduino to issue commands to the phone to take a picture, send MMS etc.

I am using a K700i to do just that in a vehicle security application.

What are the GPS coordinates of where you will be leaving the Canon ]:D

Why don't you leave the image in the camera and just have the arduino text you to say a photograph has been taken?

What control board do you already have and why don't you use it to send the message?