Sending pictures over GSM shield

Hello all. For several years now iv'e been wanting to do a project that has a requirement and iv'e not been able to fulfill nor really seen any good examples on through reading these forums. Iv'e posted a few posts about it but never strongly pursued the concept until recently(capability aside, due to time constraints). The requirement is the subject title here.

1) Take picture with CMOS or CCTV camera and store it on an SDcard(shield?). (I think iv'e seen a few examples of this)

2)Stream SD card photo over GSM network to FTP or even just flat out emailing it. (can't find anyone on the damn internet who's done and documented this...)

Iv'e seen people casually talk about it in certain posts explaining how it wouldn't be that difficult of a code structure... but again i can't find a single documented project on this. We owe it to ourselves to sticky these things somewhere so new users can reference these types of things and not cloud up the forums with questions here like mine :P

Side-note: Some random guy from an archery website explains how he has it working as a basic trail cam... yet I can't find an example of this on the actual Arduino forums LOL. (Exactly what I mean on documenting project examples)



I have a small "Arduino" camera (OV7670) in my closet. My first objective is to learn how to use it (wiring, coding).

Storing the data on a SD I found rather complicate, perhaps because Arduino is more about automatic than about complex task (Rasberrry Pi?). So I do not want to give it a try. Instead, I want to send pics to a small screen, via short wires.

Tip: SD reading devices do not read SDHC, or above. But the SDHC reading devices read the SDs.


For me, the above tasks are complex enough to spend some months. Youtube is also a source of tutorials, although I found some rather misleading.

Hi Hanslanda,

My advice would be to use a raspberry pi for this. They have a simple camera (which is quite good for the money) called the PiCamera. Also the newer ones have wifi build in. Depending on what you are actually trying to do (see How to post in this forum) they could be much easier to use since you wouldn't have to deal with the problems of a SD card. Also there are GSM modules available for it ( (just an example)

Please give us some more information about your project as a whole.