sending potiometer values via ethernet and converting value into speech

i want to send adc data from arduino to my smartphone and give that data as speech .
This is just a startup project i would like to take where i would learn about ethernet shield etc.
So project goes this way:
i will interface a potentiometer to arduino analog pins and the variable voltage data should be sent to my smartphone and should be read out using text to speech software on my phone.
I want to discuss flow of my project i.e:
potentiometer-->arduino-->ethernet shield---->smartphone.
But when my smartphone would receive this data how do i link this incoming file from the shield to my text to speech software in phone.
though there are text to speech shield but its range is limited and it's costly.

I suspect that there needs to be some other service between

ethernet shield---->smartphone.

There are some services (newtrify is one I know off) that will send you notifications and do the text to speech on your phone.

As long as you use an external service for the text to speech conversion the arduino sketch just has to send numbers, a fairly simple task.