Sending PubNub data to Arduino Via a USB/serial connection

I am working on a project that will require me to send PubNub data to an Arduino. Some people have accomplished this using an ethernet shield on their arduino, along with this library: GitHub - pubnub/arduino: The Official PubNub Arduino-based API!

I am interested in doing this without an Ethernet shield, yet with the Arduino remaining connected to a computer (Macbook Pro) at all times. Does anybody know of a way I could get incoming PubNub messages and push them to the serial/usb port the Arduino is on?

Many thanks!

Hey Wjack

The only way you will be able to send data to your Arduino using PubNub is through the internet. So you will need a Wifi or an Ethernet shield for your Arduino, which will connect it to the Internet. When you publish messages from your Macbook using PubNub, it will be subscribed by the Arduino if and only if both devices (laptop and Arduino) are connected to the Internet.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.