Sending sensor data from one serial to another serial monitor

Hello everyone !
I want to send two different sensor data from one serial monitor to another serial monitor . I am noob in Arduino and components compatible with Arduino, can any one suggest me the right way to send sens data from one serial monitor to another ?
Do I have to interface another Arduino too for getting the data into another serial monitor ?


It makes absolutely no sense to want to do that. Please provided a detailed explanation of what you are trying to accomplish so we can help you with that instead of wasting time telling you how to do something useless.

Thanks for Your concern

I am taking GPS string and extracting it for latitude and longitude . In serial monitor I am getting the extracted data from the string, I just wanted to send that extracted data to another serial monitor and observe the output .

Thank you

collect the data from one microController, send the data to another microController, across wires using either Serial, SPI, I2C, CAN, or some other way, capture the data on the other device and output the data to the serial monitor. Yes you can do that easy-peasy.

If you want to use Serial, you'll need a microController with several Serial ports or use a software Serial port.

So your first thing will be to select microControllers, one to send and one to receive. Then select a communications protocol to use, and write code that will do the thing.

You might want to free yourself of the Serial monitor and use some kind of display like LCD or OLED or TFT or Vacuum Ray Tube.

Thanks Idahowalker for your suggestions
I am using two Arduino Uno board, Over serial communication.
Conected one as software serial .. can you give me the idea how to code it for receiving the sensor data from Arduino to Arduino

Thank you

All I got is the freeRTOS task I use on an ESP32

void fReceiveSerial_LIDAR( void * parameters  )
  bool BeginSentence = false;
  sSerial.reserve ( StringBufferSize300 );
  char OneChar;
  for ( ;; )
    EventBits_t xbit = xEventGroupWaitBits (eg, evtReceiveSerial_LIDAR, pdTRUE, pdTRUE, portMAX_DELAY);
    if ( LIDARSerial.available() >= 1 )
      while ( LIDARSerial.available() )
        OneChar =;
        if ( BeginSentence )
          if ( OneChar == '>')
            if ( xSemaphoreTake( sema_ParseLIDAR_ReceivedSerial, xSemaphoreTicksToWait10 ) == pdTRUE )
              xQueueOverwrite( xQ_LIDAR_Display_INFO, ( void * ) &sSerial );
              xEventGroupSetBits( eg, evtParseLIDAR_ReceivedSerial );
            BeginSentence = false;
          sSerial.concat ( OneChar );
          if ( OneChar == '<' )
            sSerial = ""; // clear string buffer
            BeginSentence = true; // found begining of sentence
      } //  while ( LIDARSerial.available() )
    } //if ( LIDARSerial.available() >= 1 )
    xSemaphoreGive( sema_ReceiveSerial_LIDAR );
  vTaskDelete( NULL );
} //void fParseSerial( void * parameters  )

, which should give an idea of how to receive Serial.

Thank you for providing me example code, looking forward for working on it....


Do I need to interface the receiver Arduino to softserial of sender Arduino . Or can I just intilize it on '0' and '1' pin of sender Arduino..
By interfacing it on 0 and 1 pin I am not getting accurate output which I get on sender Arduino
I am noob in programming
Reciver Arduino code

char mystr[100];
void setup () {

void loop(){
delay (1000);


Correct me with my code.
For first I am trying to do it by only using wire , by directly connecting it to TX and Rx .


however I have zero idea on how to solve it, any help will be greatly appreciated.