Sending Sensor data to Cloud

Hello all,

I am new to this and finding how this all work quite interesting.

I have a sensor attached to an Arduino Uno board and want to get the reading from the sensor sent up to the cloud ( where is yet to be determined).

The plan is to add a GSM shield to the board and send the plain data through using that as the connecting device, but I can not get my hands on one right at the moment.

While in the testing phase I would like to see how and where to send the data, so I would like see if it is possible to push the data up to the cloud via connection to my PC via the USB connection?

Does anyone know if this is possible with the hardware I currently have (I have seen options with adding a wifi board or bluetooth).

Secondly anybody with any experience in sending data up to the cloud - How much data would a simple 1 line reading of data and sensor details (eg. Seonsor = ABC123 reading = 750mm)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Some GSM reading material.

What do you mean with pushing the data to the cloud? Presenting it on som kind of Webpage?
You can make a XAMP Setup so you have the possibility of using a MySql Database to store the readings over time. Further you can read/write the data from/to the DB over a PHP Webpage.
It is possible to use Processing to get the Serial Data and write/read it to/from the database.
You can also yous the HTML post/get feature I didin´t try thet till yet.

You have to consider how you want to present the data which you are sending via serial.
Use a unique Header (e.g. #) and a trailer (e.g. |). Further you will need to devide the datafields (e.g. /). so you will be able to send the sensor-readings in one single line
e.g. #234/505/1/1/| (# Temperatur = 23,4 / Humidity = 50,5 / Light = on / Window = open is not really efficient)

If you use a Raspi (~35€) you won´t need a GSM- / Wifi-Shield (>50€).

I have some example code of that on my Blog !!!it is alpha!!! but it works for me. Feel free to try it. Hopefully you can give me some feedback on my work :slight_smile: