Sending sensor data to fpv goggles

Hello all,

Can anyone advise me on how to send data from temp sensor and other similar sensors to my Google fpv Goggles.

Atm I have a arduino nano head tracking setup, and this is communicating back and forwards, I then have a video camera module attached to the head tracking gimble sending video feedback via a 5.8ghz module to fpv goggles.

What I was thinking of doing was using a mavlink osd and sending data to that, but can not find any information on that idea, or can anyone else suggest an idea on how to achieve the goal.

So you have your Arduino and your headset communicating?

Then have your Arduino also send the sensor data over that channel, in a way the other software can understand this. That should be the general approach.


This is the problem hopefully my picture explains it better.

Now the problem is the fpv goggle is 5.8Ghz so the camera can send data to the googles, as a separate transmission I have a head tracker mounted to the goggles that send information to the nrf24 pictured but does not send data back.

is it possible to connect a mavlink OSD so the Arduino sends data to the 5.8Ghz transmitter?