Sending Sensor Data to Internet via Wifi Shield

So I have a tomato plant that i would like to measure the moisture level of and send the values to the internet. Really i just want a simple webpage or even a local ip address that i can type into a browser and view.

Here is the code for the sensor:

int moistureSensor = 0;
int moisture_val;

void setup() {
Serial.begin(9600); //open serial port


void loop() {
moisture_val = analogRead(moistureSensor); // read the value from the moisture-sensing probes
Serial.print("moisture sensor reads ");
Serial.println( moisture_val );


I would like to use this code but instead of viewing the info on my computer that it is hooked up to, set up the arduino on a power source and wirelessly send info to an ip or website.

I also have future plans to add a light sensor to display amount of sunlight and add support for a second tomato plant.

The simplest way to do this is by using an "Internet of Things" public hosting facility, like Grovestreams or Xively. There would be no problem adding extra plants and data, and it can be displayed graphically.

You will need an ethernet or wifi shield to communicate via the internet. There are lots of Arduino examples for either, available on the web!