Sending serial data from scale to PC

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I am trying to send the data from a scale to the PC through the serial to ttl shield. I want to read the raw data from the scale to determine how to make the Arduino react to the signals from the scale.

would this be



I know there needs to be more in the code than just that. I have not gotten that far on it though. I am going to try to use the Amtel Studio 7 compiler

My eventual project is to have the scale signal return drive a stepper motor to add additional material to the scale until the scale reaches its stopping point. I was going to try this out this afternoon.


Did you have a question Jake? Actually, I see that you did, and that I missed it:-

would this be


Do you have a link to the scale?

You will probably want to use the hardware serial port to send data to the PC. Given that, you will nee a separate port for the scale. If the Arduino that you are using has no second hardware serial (like an Uno) you will need a software serial port. Reference.SoftwareSerial

There are other software serial libraries, but this is the one that comes with the IDE. There example code with the library that will help you set up a port and code for it.

Ok I'll look up the software serial

I didn't know if I could use the Rx on the Arduino uno to receive scale data and Tx to send to the PC. I just need to see what the scale is saying to determine what to do from there. After this it won't be connected to the PC.

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You may find some useful stuff in Serial Input Basics


Thanks everybody,

The code I had was working, I needed to roll my tx/rx wires coming from the scale.

Now onto putting more pieces of the puzzle together