Sending SMS via mobile phone

Hello All, Firstly I'm very new to thie whole arduino thing so please bear with me in terms of my level of understanding and use of terminology.

Okay, I am hoping to use the arduino to send a sms when one of the input states changes. I wish to send the sms to be a simple warning, to be sent to the same number, in the same format every time i.e., the sending of the message is not interactive in that there is any decision making to be made. I would also like to use an old mobile phone (sony T610) to keep cost down.

Am I right in thinking that I can send AT commands to perform this directly via serial data cable or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Can anyone offer any advice, sources of advice or any online content that could be useful?

Not sure about the details, but most phones have the capability of recieving AT-type commands through some form of serial input. I've seen computer software that sends sms's from both nokia and sony ericsson phones with a data cable.

Guessing you could do the same thing with the Arduino beeing in control but you need to decide on a phone to use, then look up some phone-spesific info.

Sorry I can't be of any real help, apart from telling you it can probably be done. x) Good luck though! :D

If you can send via a Serial Terminal software, ej: hyperterminal, you must can send from arduino. Look for the SMS cmd of your phone, the problem may be in the new phones you do not have a serial connection it's a USB port, and in the PC the serial port it's emulated.

AT+CSMS or AT+SMS can be the sms cmd.

Best Regards Frank