Sending some information via bluetooth

Hi!!! I’m making a proyect which envolves bluetooth communication between a phone with Android and a little robot with Arduino. I want to send commands to the robot from the phone and I wanna recieve some status information like temperature, battery remaining charge and the robot will be integrated with a webcam… so I wanna send this images from the webcam to the phone. Is it possible??? Or I’m just like crazy and need another microcontroller (by the way I’m using the Atmega328p-pu that comes with the duemilanove) or another way to communicate them to handle all this “channels” of information. Could I multiplex it or decode it???

Here you go:

Itead has made an example how one could do this.

Here's a good tutorial for the Blue SMiRF found at Sparkfun

this tutorial is for a computer, but in theory (and with a little configuration ;) )it should work for your android phone.