Sending strings from / to Arduino using XBees

I'm relatively new using Arduino Uno and Nano and XBee but I'm having a problem sending and receiving data (as a string) from one Arduino to another using XBee S1. I've successfully configured the XBees and the example code that remotely turns on / off an LED by sending a letter work fine. (Sorry, but I can't send the code because I just registered) However, if I try to send a string ("e.g., Hello, World", I just get what I suspect are ASCII characters on the receiving end. I've tried a lot of suggestions on different web sites including review of the tutorials on sending serial data but I haven't been able to get it working. My ultimate goal is to send data from a rover robot to my PC using the XBees. Suggestions (or better yet a solution !) would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest to study Serial Input Basics

Actually I reviewed that tutorial and was able to write a sketch that sends the data string from a 2-channel ADC, an Adafruit INA219 and a DS1307 RTC to my IMac using a Python tkinter serial terminal app I also wrote. The Python app parses the data string and saves the data as CSV file. I'd like to do the same thing except using the XBees instead of a USB cable. The issue seems to be something unique to the Arduino / XBee combination and how to send / receive strings.

What would "Hello World" other than ASCII characters be on the 'receiving end'?

I get sequences of numbers that repeat

If the set up is correct your xBee will be handled in the same way as the serial line. There should not be any difference

Your code might be the issue

You were right ! Found a coding error and corrected it. Naturally, I feel like a complete idiot but I'll blame that on my age (74) :grinning:

we all make mistakes - regardless of age and skills. Don't worry - the important part is to keep learning and having fun :slight_smile:

Agree with that ! Thanks again !!

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