Sending temperature cleartext on 433 mhz

Hi, im using ArduinoNano, ds18b20, and a 433 mhz china transmitter (the one that says ATAD :P), im getting the temperature readings ok, but im struggling to find a solution on how to send the readings to my RF Link gateway to use in Domoticz(homeautomation)

The guides/solutions i find is mostly how to send to a 433 receiver on an another arduino etc.

The RFlink Gateway receives data perfectly from 433 mhz temperature sensor you can buy on ebay, amazon and such, so i think i need to send the data in cleartext.

Anyone here tried something similar?

No idea what "cleartext" is.

If you want to send data to a particular device, you need to know exactly what format that device expects, or it won't work.

Most people "reverse engineer" the format used by commercial devices by tapping into their communications. That is pretty easy using a 433 MHz receiver and Audacity, as described here, for one example.