Sending text messages via 433Mhz radio


I am completely new to Arduino programming and I need some help with this project I've thought of. I've bought 2x Arduino Uno compatible boards, 2x 16x2 LCDs, a 4x4 keypad and a 433mhz receiver-transmitter set. My goal is to use the transmitter board to type the message (using the keypad and having the message displayed on the LCD while it is being typed) and then push a button to send it over using the 433mhz transmitter to the receiver Arduino, where it would be displayed on its LCD. It would resemble a messaging platform

Any ideas on how to program this?

I have lots of ideas, but what do you intend? Do you want to pay me to do it or do you want to start in the beginning and learn Arduino programming?


Hi Paul! Thanks for replying.

My intention was to get some type of guidance, so I could do the project and learn Arduino in the process. I've got some very basic Arduino knowledge that I've acquired in the past few days. I roughly know that I will have to use the VirtualWire. RadioHead and LiquidCrystal libraries, and hardware-wise I've got everything sorted and connected. I'm just missing proper coding.

look in the project hub for similar devices

I suggest to use the VirtualWire library for transmitting/receiving. Start with the example code.

Disregard the "end of life" notice, as the library has no known bugs.