Sending the data from serial monitor to a USB drive

I know it is possible to make a text file with Arduino and send it to an SD card. But I wanted to know if I could use a USB drive to store the text.file on.
Does anyone know a module or a way for me to be able to do that?

The really easy (and cheap) solution is to use a MicroSD to USB adaptor like this and put the SD card in it to read on a PC.
Another option is something like this but is a lot more expensive.

The second option is a good idea. Because I am going to build it in an enclosed case so it would be nice if I could let a USB stick out. But would the coding be the same with other USB modules or do I have to keep in mind that others are coded differently?

The USB Host module connects over UART (Serial) so no USB coding required. Linking from the Hobbytronics link I posted you get this and also this that outlines the protocol used to read/write etc from/to the USB.

I'm considering using a Raspberry Pi as a Serial output logger. A simple python script on the Raspberry can store all output from the Arduino to a file.

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