Sending two 24 VDC signals to choke actuator


I have a Arduino Mega 2560 that I want to use to send two 24 VDC signals (one telling the choke to open and the other telling it to close) to a Rotork Actuator controlling a choke. How would I go about having the arduino board doing this?

I have a NOYITO PC 817 4-Channel Optocoupler Isolation Board which I think I can use to send 24 VDC signals by attaching to a 24 V power supply?

Not sure how to connect it to the arduino without frying the board and how to program it, any help is appreciated.


I sure wouldn't try to use it in your project. Note the comment: " can also directly drive low-power 24V relays".

Are you driving low power relays? I don't think so. Sometime you need to actually measure the current used by your devices.


I see. The current the Rotork Actuator uses?

Also would using something like this possibly work?

Yes, that should work fine. Notice the big chip has a belly pad that is soldered to the top of the circuit board. Looking underneath, you can see a large pattern of vias connecting top to bottom under the belly pad. That is all heat sink, so be sure to give the bottom of the board plenty of ventilation.


Post part # and link to “Rotork” datasheet.

Thanks I’ll make sure it has breathing room when I mount it!

It is a IQ3 model

Type: IQTF125

Serial no: H315020801

Wiring Diagram: 403B0000-5

I couldn’t find a data sheet only this information

Engineering Drawings:

Wiring Diagram: