sending videos to smart phone through bluetooth

I want to send a video taken by a camera attached in an arduino to my smartphone via bluetooth. Sorry if my questions may sound stupid since I only know some very basic programming. (too poor to go to school so I try to learn everything through internet). These are my questions:

-What camera should I use and how do I write the code and connect it to arduino to take videos. -I have no idea how to attach bluetooth module and how to program it in the arduino and make it send videos to my smartphone. -last one, how do I write a program for my smartphone to receive the videos via bluetooth. What language should I learn?

If possible, answer my questions in details since I really suck at this though I have a lot of ideas, I just don't know how to make it real. Or, just send me a link to where my questions can be answered, I'll read it all instead. Thank you! (please note that I'm a super noob, no proper education about this matter. Please explain it well and sorry if I sound stupid)

An Arduino is not powerful enough to handle video. You probably need a RaspberryPi.

If your camera can send data directly to a PC using Bluetooth (without needing the Arduino) you could perhaps use the Arduino to switch the camera on and off or, perhaps, to point it in different directions.


Oh I see. I was thinking that if it's possible to send a video to the smartphone using a camera attached to an arduino, I can let the smartphone do the processing instead. So It's not possible to attach the camera directly to the arduino?

So It's not possible to attach the camera directly to the arduino?

Yes, it is. What is NOT reasonable is expecting to be able to stream video data to the phone. There is simply way too much data for the slow serial connection to be able to handle.